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Meet the Team 2015-2016



Juan Álvarez Pinto

This achieving soon-to-be engineer is the official face of ALAS for 2015-2016. He’s good with the ladies, and even better with his calculations. Currently, Juan is doing an internship at Heerema Marine Contractors to work on big oil platforms. He’s an occupied young man with an eye for detail, who likes to strike a deal.


Andrea Muñoz Zamora

Do not judge her by her size, Andrea is a lady of grandeur. She studies psychology, and has a careful approach. From a lineage of Guatamalan ambassadors, she knows how to keep the talk going. She is demanding: if Andrea is happy, everybody is happy. Her people skills are highly valued, as she is in charge of social events.


Denise Barends

Powerwoman Denise is somebody you do not want to mess with. After her degree in law, she has decided to take money from false landlords, which gives her the status of Robina Hood of Groningen. In ALAS, she makes sure that everybody does what he or she has to do, and makes sure we play by the rules. Her voice never goes unheard!


Jan Willem Dees

Our treasurer has a bachelor in European Cultures & Languages, which provides his membership of ALAS with a deeply-rooted history. This year, his main focus is on European-Mediterranean relations through his work with AIESEC. He uses his spontanity and creativity as a teacher of languages, treasurer, and to make new connections.